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Student loans: requirements to apply for them

If you are a student and need a loan to finance a course of study or to realize a dream you have in your drawer, you can apply for a fiduciary loan. See pegasus-one.org for an observation

If you are unable to obtain a scholarship and you do not know how to pay the university fees or the university Master’s installments, you can apply to request a loan designed by banks and universities specifically for young students.

But what are the requirements to apply for a student loan? Let’s find out in this guide.

Student loans: what are the requirements?

Student loans: what are the requirements?

Nowadays studying has become a real luxury that involves many sacrifices for parents who have to keep their children at the University.

To complete the course of study, a Study Fund was established by the Council Presidency – Department of Youth: the ” Youth Credit Fund “, which allows young students to offer adequate guarantees to apply for a loan.

There are also loans for working students with advantageous characteristics that allow the repayment of the loan installments once the title of Doctor is obtained.

To apply for a student loan, benefiting from the Fund’s guarantee, you must meet the following requirements:

  • be aged between 18 and 40,
  • be up to date with taxes,
  • be enrolled in a three-year or single-cycle degree course and have graduated with at least 75/100
  • be enrolled in a master’s degree course and have obtained a three-year degree with at least 100/110
  • be enrolled in a specialization course after graduating with at least 100/110
  • be enrolled in a research doctorate abroad for three years
  • be enrolled in a language course lasting no less than six months, recognized by a “Certifying Body”.

Student loan: how to apply for it?

Student loan: how to apply for it?

To apply for a student loan, you must contact the Secretariat of your University to find out if the University has signed agreements with banks and financial institutions that provide discounts for students.

For information contact a Consultant and find out how to finance your degree course or a Master’s degree.

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