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A loan that does not borrow you, a loan with a low interest rate.

How many times did you let your dreams pass for fear of requesting a loan thinking that you are indebted? Imagine that you are wrong, that there are credits that take care of your economic stability and at the same time impel you to achieve your goals and go for more.

How to distinguish a credit that does not borrow you?

How to distinguish a credit that does not borrow you?

Do not give more than you can pay: A credit to your needs takes care of your financial health, when you study your budget, you estimate the ideal amount that you can pay moderately, allowing you to enjoy the usual privileges, pay your credit and at the same Time progress and achieve your goals.

It is a loan with low interest rate: An important fact is to verify the interest, you should not be afraid of this part, surely soon you will notice the investment.

They are long term: Imagine having plenty of time to pay off your debt, with fees you can pay, this is important as it allows you to calculate your budget well and not leave other interests apart.

They are an investment: When your credit is destined to realize your dreams and to undertake, they will never be a form of indebtedness on the contrary, they are the fastest way to progress.

A useful tip is that you focus on a financial institution that is focused on your customers, that adapts each product to the need of each of them to create a positive development impact. Look for it to be transparent and to fulfill what it promises.

A NO to overindebtedness

A NO to overindebtedness

It is important to note that a loan is an acquired debt, but the idea is not to owe more than you can repay the months for the purposes of the term, if we lend Q 100 must return as soon as we can afford, until then it is a debt we acquire with someone else. In the case of financing, this kind of debt is a good thing because it will be used as an investment to later generate profits.

The over-indebtedness itself occurs when the income is not sufficient to cover the payment of basic necessities or the installments of the credit obtained. The problem is that many of the institutions that offer loans also facilitate consumption. The loans should not be used as means of consumption, these institutions have the obligation to advise their clients so that they fully understand what they are acquiring and diagnose the real need of each one to find the perfect formula according to these.

There lies the real reason behind the severe debts of many people. Is that, who would not want to have all the money in the world and spend it on what we want ?, but it must be made clear that this is not how these economic supports work. Many financial institutions do not offer responsible credits.

A loan that does not borrow

A loan that does not borrow

In summary, a responsible credit has value commitments with its customers, they inform you very clearly how your credit works, they favor your access to it, they provide good conditions and most importantly, they advise you . And not only at the beginning, what your financing lasts is pending in your case.

Why do we say that it does not borrow? Because your case is known, evaluated and advised from the beginning so that you get an amount that you can pay in a certain term, you are informed of the total cost of the loan, you clearly know what you are paying and why, a fee to your measure !, is in addition to a responsible credit, an intelligent one. Research and evaluate, it’s time to end the doubts!

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